These days have been too hot. An intense summer happening in Guatemala. And while I am not really prepared for this weather, but I know a thing that can help survive this… food! So many tropical flavors! That can change everything you cook. With just a change of the main ingredients, you can adapt your dessert to the summer. But not only the ingredients, but the way you present it.

And since we love mason jars (for flowers, drinking, candles, etc) I suggest to use them also as “pie molds”. Because of the material mason jar lids are made, they are perfect for baking! You just have to:

-Clean them well.
-Grease them (with PAM; or butter and some flour)
-Make your pastry dough, roll it, and cut it with a circular cookie cutter (or glass or cup) a little bit bigger that the mason jar lid.
-Put the dough in the lid.
-Pour your favorite pie filling (in this case, pineapple or strawberry).
-Bake until you see that the dough start getting golden brown and it is easy to separate from the lid.
-Take them out of the oven and let them cool down.
-Surprise your family and friends.
-Enjoy your pie and weather.




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