Hello Cake

Maybe you haven’t seen too many new posts here. And the reason is…I was at New York! I’d always wanted to go to NY to meet the city, and all those of my favorite cookbook inspirations. Most of my favorite cookbooks started at this city. And as Alicia Keys says “concrete jungles where dreams are made”, and that’s the true vibe of this place. I just loved it!

But while I was there, I definitely had to go to MILK and try most of the desserts they have…and that’s what I did, but I also took one “baking the book class”. I really liked it! I fell in love with their ice cream, birthday shake (OMG!) and obviously the cake!

When I was little I thought that baking and decorating cakes was my passion. At my 19s I went to Chicago to the Wilton Cake Decorating School, and I really enjoyed it. However, after coming back home and making some orders, I realized that I hated decorating with fondant. So I gave I try to just making buttercream cakes, but I didn’t find me. (I really really admire the persons decorating beautiful cakes with fondant and buttercream, too many time, work and dedication behind them). And after being at just one MILK class I related with their cakes, maybe these are the cakes that maybe I would like to make. There, I decided that I am going to give cakes one more chance. So in no time, you’ll be seeing my new attempts on making cakes and discovering new flavors.

I’ll never forget this trip and a city with so much spirit, new ideas, creative and entrepeneur people, good ideas, work and love. Hope to be there again!

Keep in touch with Butter Love, new products are coming! And also new posts about new recipes and ideas to celebrate life while baking with some butter…and love of curse.





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