Strawberry Jam Cookies

As I told you, I been kind of busy working. But everytime I am working at the kitchen I like to listen some music. And lately I’ve been listening “work” by Rihanna; and that’s what I’ve been doing…working…at the kitchen, baking a lot of cookies and making tons of ice cream! So that’s the reason […]

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Is it too late now to say sorry?-JB

Lately I’ve been kind of busy . I really don’t know if you’ve been waiting for another idea or recipe that has nothing to do with Halloween? But we have to move on and come back on track. So sorry for this! But I’ll try to start posting like crazy, every new recipe, every new […]

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Butter Love? Yes, I have a deep feeling for butter! I mean, I love baking and most of the recipes have butter. It is used in desserts and savory dishes...