DIY Halloween Decorated Cookies

For this decoration you will need! Egg White Icing Egg whites Powdered sugar Lemon juice Gel food colors Skittles I must confess that I never measure the ingredientes when making this icing. It really depends on the consistency you want to use to decorate your cookies. When you want a stiff consistency, use more powdered […]

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Silvinaa Ice Cream

Meeting new people has been one of my favorite parts of Butter Love. I’ve had the chance to meet and work with incredible persons. And one of this persons is Silvinaa, talented illustrator; who relates her art with situations and emotions that most women have felt at some point of their lifes. Besides she is […]

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Butter Love? Yes, I have a deep feeling for butter! I mean, I love baking and most of the recipes have butter. It is used in desserts and savory dishes...